I'm With You

Avril Lavigne

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2002-11-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:44

Music Video


  • Incredible

    By PaulzToTheWall
    This is the song that got me back into liking music, again. The whole first album is just wonderful. Avril mixed it up much more back then than she does now. I'd like to see her do more rocking stuff. She did a great live version of Fuel by Metallica. They even liked it!
  • Bring this Avril back plz

    By MostMusicisGoodMusic
    This was her first video I saw back when she started. I got Let Go for Christmas that year and ever since, I have LOVED Avril. I wish she would bring out an album like Let Go and Under My Skin, My World is my favorite song ever! (right now, Im wanting to stab Bieber for having an album named the same) When I hear older songs from her, Im lost and just want to enjoy. I love all her songs but some of the new ones I would pass over cause its not the same Avril I first loved. There is nothing she could do to make me hate her because if it's got her name on it, I'll love it! Ps itunes: I Don't Give, needs to be purchaseable on its own...screw American Wedding and the rest of the songs on its sound track, ud make millions happy and hundreds (the ones who paid for whole album for one song!) mad! Read the comments to it, i read first ten and plenty asked for it to be buyable alone cause it ROCKS!
  • Luved it still do

    By Roxchick728928373
    This song helped me get though a tough time when I was lil and I still lov it 2 this day I luv her as a attest and a rolemodal cuz I grew up lisening 2 her
  • Good song, bad video

    By Emili15
    This song is one of my favorites. I really think that it could have made a much better video. Avrils lip singing such here.
  • cool

    By La Musiqe
    Not one of the better videos, but one of the better songs! It's so well written. I can totally relate to this!
  • Great!!

    By kiga giga
    I love this song. The video may just be her walking down a street and going through a party, but it has meaning and value. Definately one of her better songs (all of her older songs were better).
  • Avril's Amazing!!!

    By sk8r girly girl
    This was the first song i heard in my life when i was 4 yrs. old!!!! I luv her she'll be my fav singer forevs!!! Buy this song!!!
  • I'm with this song................................forever

    By Bacon boy rocks
    this song is awsomeQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Beautiful

    By scaboozy
    Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful voice! Avril is a great singer! She can sing rock or even pop. BUY THIS SONG! It's so worth the money!

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