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Dulcolax (bisacodyl)


Stimulant laxative




Temporary relief of occasional constipation and irregularity. Produces bowel movement in 15 min-1 hr (Sup) and 6-12 hrs (Tab).



1-3 tabs qd

1 sup rectally qd; retain for 15-20 min



6-12 Years:
Tab: 1 tab qd
Sup: 1/2 sup qd

≥12 Years:
Tab: 1-3 tabs qd
Sup: 1 sup qd; retain for 15-20 min


Oral/rectal route

Do not crush or chew; take w/ water

Insert sup well into rectum, w/ pointed end first


Sup: 10mg; Tab: 5mg


(Sup) For rectal use only. May cause rectal burning. (Tab) Do not chew or crush. (Sup/Tab) May cause stomach discomfort, faintness, and cramping. D/C with rectal bleeding, no bowel movement after use, or the need to use a laxative for >1 week.


Stomach discomfort, faintness, cramps. (Sup) rectal burning.


(Tab) Avoid within 1 hr after taking antacids or milk.


Safety in pregnancy and nursing not known.


Stimulant laxative.


Assess for allergy to the drug, stomach pain, N/V, sudden change in bowel habits lasting >2 weeks, pregnancy/nursing status, and possible drug interaction. (Tab) Assess for ability to swallow.


Monitor for rectal bleeding, for no bowel movement, stomach discomfort, faintness, and cramping. (Sup) Monitor for rectal burning.


Advise to ask physician before use if patient has stomach pain, N/V, and a sudden change in bowel habits that last >2 weeks. Advise to d/c therapy and ask physician if patient has rectal bleeding or no bowel movement after using product, and the need to use a laxative for >1 week. Advise to ask a physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


Tab: 20-25°C (68-77°F). Protect from excessive humidity. Sup: ≤30°C (86°F).


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